0:04 - "Cry" (from Forever Plaid)
0:59 - "Come Up to My Office" (from Parade)
1:47 - "Lost Stars" by Adam Levine (from Begin Again) // (guitar)
2:19 - "Buddy's Blues" (from Follies)
2:59 - "Take You Dancin'" (from Delivery: An Original Musical) // (tap)
3:20 - "Love, I Hear" (from A Funny Thing... Forum)

Michael Spencer performs "Buddy's Blues" (Follies) by Stephen Sondheim. Filmed in NYC, August 20, 2017

Michael Spencer (Leo Frank) performs "Come Up to My Office" from Parade. With Macy Medford, Ranae McIntyre, Cassie Donegan & Gabe Hoyer
BUMT (Nov. 2016)